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Rehabilitation Programme in Sidr Affected Area: In the night of November 15, 2007, a severe cyclonic storm-named Sidr struck with unimaginable ferocity vast areas along the south-western coast of Bangladesh leaving in its trail horredous scenes of death & destruction. Following is an account of BNF-sponsored post-disaster programs in the affected areas:

  1. Construction of Dewelling Houses for Affected Families: BNF has constructed 73 pucca houses (20´×12´) at 73 Sidr (2007) affected houses at village Donagram of Boloibunia Union under Morrelgonj Upazila of Bagerhat District. Each house costs Tk. 1,26,508/- and occupying a space of 240 sq. ft. (20´×12´) walled by 5´´ thick brick with sloped RCC roof. In the same village BNF has repaired 3 damaged mosques with a total cost of Tk. 90,000/-.

  2. Livelihood Supports

    1. Patuakhali District: 66 poor families of Char Kashem village of Rangabali Union under Galachipa Upazila of district of Patuakhali was donated a cow worth Tk. 15,000/- to each of the affected poor families to boost their subsistance effort by selling milk. In Subidhkhali village under Mirzagonj Upazila of Patuakhali District each of 21 affected farmer were given cows worth Taka 15000 each and 45 fishermen families were given a small boat along with fishing net worth Tk. 10,000/- each.
    2. Barguna District: 30 farmer families and 30 fishermen families of Patakata, Fultala & NidrarChar villages of Badarkhali, Bibichini & Barbogi Unions under Sadar, Betagi and Amtali Upazilas in the district of Barguna were given 30 cows and 30 boats along with fishing nets. Each cows costs Tk. 15,000/- & each of the boat and fishing net costs Tk. 10,000/- respectively to generate their income.
    3. Pirojpur District: 10 farmer and 20 fishermen families of Charbaleshwar & Chhotomasua villages of Balipara & Tushkhali Unions under Zianagar and Mathbaria Upazilas in the district of Pirajpur, who lost their cows and boats with fishing nets were given 10 cows of Tk. 15,000/- each and 20 small boats along with fishing nets costing Tk. 10,000/- each for their income earnings.

Distribution of Winter-Cloths: Besides these activities, BNF has distributed 11,860 blankets amongst breast feeding mothers and old men and women of poor families of Northern Districts during severe cold in the winter of 2009.

Village Information Centre: As a partner of building digital Bangladesh, the BNF has established 15 Village infomation Centres on a pilot basis in close collaboration with Bangladesh Telecentre Network(BTN). Peoples of various professions and students of the respective areas can avail facilities like submission of online application and collection of online information. Besides, the people get information on use of insectisicides in agriculture, advice on cultivation of various crops and treating soil. The famers are being benefitted by getting these infomation. This activity would be expanded in future.
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